Mobile DJ VS. Club DJ

“What’s the difference between a Mobile DJ vs. a Club DJ and can I be both?”

The difference between a Mobile DJ vs. a Club Dj is a Mobile DJ is either part of a DJ company or has their own DJ Business. They will also DJ events such as Weddings, Sweet 16’s, Bar Mitzvah’s, Birthday parties, etc. These DJ will also travel with gear and take care of their own sound systems. This is why these DJ’s usually charge more to work. They will put in more labor than a Club DJ would. As for a Club DJ it is just like it sounds. You DJ at clubs and shows. Most of the time you show up with just your laptop and your controller depending on the venue. You usually are paid depending on your relevancy and how many people you can bring to the show. Now you can definitely be both. Though, you are usually doing one or the other more.

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